A New Beginning for the Past

The Monte Vista Antique Iron Club became a reality in March of 1999 as a result  of several valley residents, who over a period of fifteen years or more, observed and gathered information while sharing ideas about forming a local association.
Common interest included collecting, salvaging, repairing, and restoring power sources such as engines, tractors, crawlers, jeeps, horse drawn equipment and their associated equipment and machinery representing the farm heritage of the San Luis Valley during the late19th and early to mid 20th century.
Memberships are open to anyone interested in collecting, restoring, and exhibiting these items for public education and entertainment.
Collecting interests were extended  beyond Antique Iron and tractors to include operating manuals, books, magazines, displays, tools, toys, salesman samples, furnishings, collectibles, and memorabilia representing that era.
The founding members chose a name and a purpose for the club. The name being the San Luis Valley Antique Iron Club (SLVAIC).
 The club has set up a formal structure with the elected officers who include the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, past president and two directors.
Members share interest in the areas of engine overhaul, repair maintenance, sandblasting, metal work, painting techniques, mechanical operation and exhibiting skills.
Annual events for participation are  Colorado Potato Administration Council  “CPAC” Annual Potato Festival,  San Luis Valley Annual Antique Iron Heritage Days, Monte Vista Ski Hi Stampede Parade, Del Norte Covered Wagon Days, and many exhibition shows through out the year.
The club has an Annual General Meeting in the spring and a summer picnic for all club members and friends. Future events to be started are a plow day in the fall, and a garden tractor pull event. 

We at the San Luis Valley Antique Iron Club wish to invite you to become a member, a supporter or just come and see and visit about old times.