The San Luis Valley Antique Iron Club has its own tractor and garden tractor pull track with pulling sleds for both tractors. It is located between Monte Vista and Alamosa at the Alamosa Recreation Park on the north side of State Highway 160. It is the same location as the Del Monte Gun Club and the SLV Model Aeronautics Club.

The pull track was first started in August 2nd of 2007 with a vote and the monthly meeting to pursue this project. The next step was meeting with Alamosa County Commissioners to get approval of the project. This was done and the location and the layout of the track was completed with help from the Alamosa County Road and Bridge crew and the supervision of Phil West to prepare the site for a pull track.

With the track completed, the following year members of the tractor club and gun club helped to install power for the pull track. Also in 2008 a control building and roller packer was donated by club member Bob Gydesen from Gunnison Colorado. To complete the package a set of weighing scales was donated and conditioned to weigh tractors at the control building. Along with these items several sets of bleachers were donated for the public to set on and view the events.

The first event had 32 participants with 95 pulls and 8 out of town guest. The club has been able to purchase two sleds, one for regular tractors and one for garden tractors. The club has hosted several pulls throughout the years with many just being fun pulls for members and guest who want to see what their tractor or garden tractor can do in front of the pull sled. It has been fun for all involved.

The club has setup a baker fan which can be used to hook a belt from the tractor to the fan to apply a load to the engine. Then a person can work on the engine adjustments with the tractor running under a load. Also there has been an addition of some antique farm equipment to the track which the club hopes to add more for a static display of antique farming equipment. This should be a delightful display once more antique items are set up along the track. This area has been designated as the SLVAIC Museum site.

A big Thank You goes out to all that have helped with donations, time and worked to get this pull track going for the area and San Luis Valley Antique Iron Club.